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Match Your Donation

Matching gifts provide you with an easy way to potentially double, if not triple, your original donation. Many organizations supplement their employees’ contributions to institutions of higher education (specifications of the match vary based upon each organization). In fact, your company, a spouse’s company, the company whose board you serve or even a company that you retired from may match your gift.

If you are not sure if you qualify for a matching gift, please use the company search above. The tool will provide you with information regarding minimum and maximum match, as well as steps on how to get started.

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Our Overall Goal Is To Eliminate And / Or Restrict Foster Care Placement By Providing Excellent Staff Attorneys.

Studies show that when families have a good lawyer, it reduces the amount of time children spend in foster care.

Our Children Are Priceless And Your Contribution Can Help To Rescue A Child!

After winning our inaugural trial case against Minnesota CPS in a 3-day trial on September 11, 2018, we are raising money to hire staff attorneys to grow our Minnesota legal aid program. We seek to rescue these traumatized children and reunite them with their families wherever possible and to provide legal aid services to low-income families who we feel are being targeted by Child Protection Services. We have rescued 16 children so far. Click here to see the Fox News 9 TV Broadcast

 - Office space, $15,000 annually per office.
 - Staff Legal Assistant, $30,000 annual salary 
 - Staff Paralegal, $35,000 annual salary 
 - Staff Attorney, $51,000 annual salary 
- IT Infrastructure & Communication, $9,000 annually
- Lease Office Furniture & Equipment, $8,000 annually
 - Law Books and Reference Material, $10,000 annually
 - Trial Minutes, $5,000 annually
 - Investigations, $15,000 annually
 - Expert Witnesses, $30,000 annually

Ways to Give to Stop CPS From Legally Kidnapping Children

Make a secure contribution online today to protect Parental Rights! 

Our nation has the opportunity to better serve the most vulnerable members of our society, it's children. It is time for us to give back. Helps us protect the children in America. Keep them safe from laws which are not focused on parental rights, unnecessary family removals, separation, traumatization, and not on values of "family first" and the preservation of the family unit.

Across America, children` and families right to fair and impartial justice is at stake. Special interests are spending millions to influence decisions and elect judges to serve their narrow interest, not the public interest. For example, medical choices, mandatory vaccination, educational choices, and home schooling all infringe upon your parental rights in the care, custody, and control of your children.
An investment in SCPSLKC is an investment "Parental Rights" and in the 465,000+ American boys and girls currently in the foster care system that need rescuing and their family members. If you share our commitment to RESCUING and improving the lives of these children, please consider donating today. Your donation is secure and tax-deductible.  Family Preservation Foundation, Inc., dba SCPSLKC is an IRS Recognized 501(c)(3) organization (Employer ID# 83-0976811).

Go to our secure online form today by clicking the button right!    

Let Your Company Double or Triple Your Impact!

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs to match charitable contributions made by their employees. Gifts from employees' spouses and retirees may also qualify for a match.

Here's an example; Let's say you work for Johnson & Johnson and donate $100 to the Family Preservation Foundation. Johnson & Johnson matching gift policy has a minimum gift requirement of $25 and matches at a 2:1 ratio up to $20,000. After you submit your matching gift form, Johnson & Johnson will double your donation by also writing a check for $200. Gifts from employees' spouses and retirees may also qualify for a match. It's a quick and easy way to double your contribution!

Find everything you need instantly to apply online by clicking to button below!

Make A Stock Gift

Gifts of stock offer a tax benefit in two ways. First, you avoid paying capital gains tax on the increased value of the stock. Second, you can take a tax deduction for the full market value of the stock on the date of the gift. For example, if you’re in the top tax bracket, purchased securities for $10,000 in 2000, and they are now valued at $20,000, you would have to pay $2,380 in federal capital gains tax if you sold them today. However, if you give those same securities to Family Preservation Foundation, you not only receive a tax deduction of $20,000; you also avoid paying any tax on the $10,000 gain from the original investment.

You may make a gift of stock by asking your stock broker to transfer the number of shares you would like to donate to the
Family Preservation Foundation. For further information on how to donate stock, contact Aska Mitchell at +1 (732) 377-2038, or
by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Memorial Gifts & Memorial Funds

Memorial Gifts or Funds may be made to remember deceased loved ones. This meaningful tribute will help honor their memory and their values for years to come. If you would like to make a memorial gift, simply make note of your wishes and send it in with the donation. For further information on how to set up a memorial gift or fund to Family Preservation Foundation, contact Aska Mitchell at +1 (732) 377-2038, or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Gifts through your Living Trust or Will

One of the most common ways to remember the Family Preservation Foundation and help carry us on our programs is to leave a gift in your will. You can name a specific dollar amount, or a percentage of what is left, after you leave specific gifts for family and friends.

You can also designate the foundation as a beneficiary of all or part of your state-and you can’t update you a beneficiary at any time.

The simplest way to advance the work of Family Preservation Foundation is by updating your living trust or will and making the Family Preservation Foundation a beneficiary. Simply contact your attorney and ask to add the following language to your living trust or will:

“I give, devise and bequeath to the Family Preservation Foundation (Tax ID: 83-0976811), 200 Centennial Ave, Suite 200, Piscataway, NJ 08854 (insert specific dollar amount, percentage, or residue of my estate), for its general use and purpose.”

By making this simple update to your estate plan, you will make a significant impact on the Family Preservation Foundation’s work to promote a culture of life, and you will avoid all federal, state, and local estate taxes that might affect the heirs of your estate.

Retirement Plan

Estate planning does not have to be complicated. And fact, some people may overlook one of the simplest ways to make a gift to us-by designating the Family Preservation Foundation as the beneficiary of your pension plan, IRA, 401(k) or self employed plan.
Since the Family Preservation Foundation is a non-profit organization, we pay no-income or state tax. This means 100% of your designated gift will go towards creating an impact for children and their families.

Federal legislation was recently passed, making the IRA-Charity Rollover a permanent provision in U.S. tax law. Individuals who are 70½ or older may make a charitable gift to Family Preservation Foundation directly from their IRA. This tax-free contribution is a wonderful way to support our mission.

Advantages to donors include:

- The IRA Charitable Rollover permits you to make donations directly to the Family Preservation Foundation from your IRA without counting the distribution as part of your adjusted gross income (AGI) and without paying taxes on the amounts donated.
- You will not need to recognize the distribution as income for federal income tax purposes.
- The distribution can count towards your minimum required IRA distribution.

Consult your financial advisor to see what is best for your particular state plan. It important to take steps to update your beneficiary regularly to reflect any life changes and current wishes.


You can leave a gift from your bank account, brokerage account or life insurance policy. By Naming beneficiaries on the policies, the processes can pay directly to the family preservation foundation.

Life-Insurance also offers a wonderful way to make a charitable gift.

Check with your advisor to see which option we best for you.


Other ways to give

There are several additional ways you can leave an impact and support the mission of the Family Preservation Foundation.

- Charitable Gift Annuity-Current, Community and Deferred
- Donor Advised Fund
- Pool Income Funds
- Retain Life Estate
- Charitable Remainder Trust-CRAT/CRUT
- Charitable Lead Trust-CLAT/CLUT
- Appreciated Assets
- Charitable Inheritance Replacement Trust

Give By Mail or Telephone

Use our printable donation form on the left to send a check or credit card donation by mail, to the following address:

Family Preservation Foundation, Inc.
371 Hoes Lane
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Piscataway, NJ 08854

Telephone: +1 (732) 377-2038

To send feedback, suggestions or to request information on Stop CPS From Legally Kidnapping Children contact: info@stopcpslegallykidnappingchildren.org | Tel: +1.866.469.5777 or +1 (732) 377-2038